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 LG Rocker v1.07 - U300, U890, U900 Unoock added !

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LG Rocker v1.07 - U300, U890, U900 Unoock added ! Empty
MessageSujet: LG Rocker v1.07 - U300, U890, U900 Unoock added !   LG Rocker v1.07 - U300, U890, U900 Unoock added ! EmptyVen 13 Fév - 15:03

09.02.2009 LG Rocker v1.07 released

Whats new:

* Added U300 unlock, firmware: U300-MSM6250A-V10C-JUN-16-2006-H3G
* Added U310 unlock, firmware: U310-MSM6250A-V10A-OCT-12-2006-H3G
* Added U310 unlock, firmware: U310-MSM6250A-V10B-NOV-01-2006-H3G
* Added U310 unlock, firmware: U310-MSM6250A-V10D-FEB-01-2007-H3G
* Added U310 unlock, firmware: U310-MSM6250A-V10E-MAR-30-2007-H3G
* Added U310C unlock, firmware: U310C-MSM6250A-V10A-OCT-31-2006-H3G
* Added U310C unlock, firmware: U310C-MSM6250A-V10C-NOV-21-2006-H3G
* Added U450C unlock, firmware: U450C-MSM6250-V10A-MAY-04-2007-H3G
* Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10A-MAR-21-2006-H3G
* Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10A-MAR-24-2006-H3G
* Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10A_WM-APR-18-2006-H3G
* Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10A_WM-JUN-07-2006-H3G
* Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10B-MAY-23-2006-H3G
* Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10B_WM-APR-29-2006-H3G
* Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10E-JUN-20-2006-H3G
* Added U890 unlock, firmware: U890-MSM6250A-V10F-JUN-28-2006-H3G
* Added U890C unlock, firmware: U890C-MSM6250A-V10C-MAY-08-2006-H3G
* Added U900 unlock, firmware: U900-MSM6250A-V10B-MAY-10-2006-H3G
* Added U900 unlock, firmware: U900-MSM6250A-V11B_WM-NOV-23-2006-H3G
* Added U900 unlock, firmware: U900-MSM6250A-V11C-OCT-19-2006-H3G
* Added U900 unlock, firmware: U900-MSM6250A-V11G-JAN-23-2007-H3G

* Added scanning for connected phone.
* Slightly improved file system handling.

* Restore of OTP phones (U300, U310, U450, U880, U890, U900), become more user friendly.
The Restore may be needed in these cases:
1. After first unlock stage user stopped the software (closed it, it freezed, electricity were down, hurricane, etc)
2. User used Advanced page's features
Thus phone will stay frozen in the LOGO stage each time on power-up. To restore it into the functional state
there is no need to use the emergency mode to re-flash it. Just click 'Unlock' button and all will be reverted back.

************************************************** *******************
************************************************** *******************
************************************************** *******************

Dear customers!
Different kinds of USB over Network softwares are now banned and not permitted to be used.
BE ADVICED: If LGRocker software detects usage of USB over Network stuff - you'll get the Warning.
Second time it does detect it - your dongle will be blocked permanenty.
************************************************** *******************
************************************************** *******************
************************************************** *******************

Please download and install "LGRocker_v1.07.exe" from support area.

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !
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LG Rocker v1.07 - U300, U890, U900 Unoock added !
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